Laurence Cruz

Writer - Screenwriter - Visual Storyteller

​A collection of film projects—short and long, finished and still taking shape, produced and unproduced.

feature scripts

JOshua tree

Genre:  Science fiction

Log line:  In his final days on earth before a one-way trip to Mars, a child psychiatrist gets a surprise visit from his estranged brother. Soon he doubts his bother’s motives — and if it’s even his brother at all.

Status:  Working on it.



Genre:  Metaphysical dramedy

Log line:  After taking an experimental "love drug" to save his marriage, a man struggles with bizarre side effects that turn him into a hyper empath. Forced to re-evaluate his life, he must fight through his symptoms to win back the love of his life.

Status:  Complete.



Genre:  Drama

Log line:  A single dad trapped in a humdrum life in Northwest England deals with sudden heartbreak by pursuing an online degree with a dubious American college. As the red flags add up, he embarks on a trans-Atlantic journey to find answers.

Status:  Complete.



Genre:  Psychological thriller

Log line:  After a freak car accident, two apparent strangers are forced to spend the night walking across Los Angeles, and come to realize that the reason their lives have intersected is anything but random.

Status:  Complete. (For more information,  click here.)



Genre:  Dark comedy

Log line:  An ambitious young ad man is forced to reassess his life choices when his business partner has a metaphysical meltdown on the day of the biggest pitch of their career. 

Status:  Complete.


assigned witness

Genre:  Action thriller

Log line:  In post-9/11 New York City, a psychic spy becomes the hunted when he discovers his superiors are covertly creating lethal super-psychics.

Status:  Complete.


vision thing

Genre:  Comedy

Log line:  An unpopular U.S. President discovers he is psychic. (Quarter-finalist in Nicholl Fellowships)

Status:  Complete.




Shooting "The Deal" in the desert north of Los Angeles (Photo by August Bradley)

This is a brand film for Fisker Automotive's "Karma" eco luxury sports car that I co-wrote with talented director August Bradley, as well as a short behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the film by the team at August Bradley Media. All very cool stuff put together by an amazingly talented team. Warning: the Karma is a thing of beauty that may take your breath away. It did mine. (Full screen and good headphones recommended for optimal viewing.)

The film also serves as a demo for Avid, maker of Media Composer and Pro Tools video and audio editing software. I had a great experience on this project, polishing multiple drafts back and forth with August, as well as helping out the crew on a couple of shoot days in the desert near Los Angeles and at Seven Bar Lounge in downtown Los Angeles where the interior scenes were filmed. And now the behind-the-scenes film.

Making "The Deal" (Behind the Scenes)

footnote on "the deal"

An addendum to the short film I co-wrote (The Deal) about Fisker Automotive's eco luxury sports car, the Karma. After going under for a couple of years, FISKER IS BACK! With a little help from a Chinese company named Wanxiang and new owners, Fisker has launched a customer support program and a swanky new website ( More importantly, check out this 30-second spot from director August Bradley at Glass Media Lab—which also serves as my first credit as a stunt driver. 

Short film scripts

post meridian

Log line:  A stressed-out writer solves his writer's block by stumbling upon a way to collapse time — but there are unintended consequences. (Unproduced)

commit wall street

Log line:  If Wall Street were a person, would you trust him with your money? (Unproduced)

tao of joy

Log line:  A young woman seeks to make a wise choice in love with help from an unusual source. (Produced, 24 mins. I wrote, directed and produced).

First weekend of shooting "Tao of Joy" near Hood River, Oregon, 2003.