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Academy Award® nominee Ed Harris (A Beautiful MindThe Abyss), David Duchovny (“The X-Files,” “Californication”) and William Fichtner (The Dark Knight, Black Hawk Down) star in Phantom, a Cold War-era suspense thriller about a Soviet submarine captain, haunted by his past, who is forced to lead a covert mission that could spark a global nuclear war. Written and directed by Todd Robinson (Lonely Hearts, White Squall) and inspired by true events, Phantom is a riveting deep-sea adventure about extraordinary men facing impossible choices.

After returning from three months at sea, Captain DMITRI “DEMI” ZUBOV (Harris) is ordered to immediately take command of the B-76, an aging Soviet submarine armed with a nuclear missile. Filling in for several of his regular crew members are replacement sailors, including two taciturn “technicians,” BRUNI (Duchovny) and GARIN, who claim to be conducting tests on new equipment attached to the sub. Demi, who is haunted by a deadly incident at sea that took place under his command, can’t help but wonder why he was chosen for the mission.

But when he unseals his orders and the B-76 encounters an American vessel, the troubled captain begins to understand the voyage’s ominous purpose. The mysterious equipment is actually a cloaking device that can replicate the acoustic signatures of other vessels, effectively rendering the ship invisible to sonar. Worse, Bruni and Garin are in fact “Oznas” commandos, rogue KGB radicals bent on seizing control of the ship—and its nuclear weapon. Their plan: to launch a missile strike against the Americans and make it appear to come from a Chinese vessel—thus triggering a nuclear showdown between the two superpowers, and leaving the Soviets victors by default.

With the fate of humanity in his hands, Demi rallies his men for the high-stakes battle of their lives, even as the ghosts from his past seem to press in on him. In the crushing confines of the old sub they know so well, Demi and his crew pit extraordinary courage and skill against the ruthless Oznas commandos. But will it be enough to avert the ultimate disaster?

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