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Ashton Kutcher (The Butterfly Effect, “Punk’d”), Dermot Mulroney (The Grey) and Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises) star in Jobs, the riveting inside story of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ dramatic rise from college dropout to one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Directed by Joshua Stern (Swing Vote) from a script by first-time screenwriter Matt Whiteley, this fast-paced, revealing drama features a star-studded cast including James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America), J.K. Simmons (Juno), Lukas Haas (Inception, Witness), Leslie Ann Warren (“Desperate Housewives”) and Josh Gad (Love and Other Drugs).

It all starts in a suburban garage in Silicon Valley. That’s where—after dropping out of college, experimenting with acid and seeking enlightenment in India—a young Steve Jobs (Kutcher) teams up with engineering wunderkind Steve “Woz” Wozniak (Gad) and a rag-tag bunch of friends to assemble the first-ever personal computer. Driven by Jobs’ laser focus, brilliant salesmanship and raw ambition, their efforts draw the attention of investor Mike Markkula (Mulroney), launching Apple and a technology revolution. But at what cost?

After early successes and flashes of genius, Jobs’ uncompromising vision puts him at odds not only with Apple’s board members, but also his most-trusted partners, including Markkula, marketing maestro John Sculley (Modine)—and even his truest friend, Woz. Forced out of the company he helped create and stung by betrayals, Jobs is a broken man beset with personal demons. But the wilderness years are not wasted; they bring love in the form of family, maturity and the chance for technology to catch up to Jobs’ vision. So when, by what seems the hand of destiny, Jobs is invited back to Apple, he finally has an opportunity to, in his own words, “put a dent in the universe.”

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